What is an Extension Master Gardener?

A Master Gardener has an interest in all types of gardening, such as ornamental or vegetable. Master Gardeners want to teach others to garden and are trained by Cooperative Extension Service personnel.


What does an Extension Master Gardener do?

Master Gardeners help County Extension Agents reach more residents who have gardening problems by:
visiting garden sites, working in information booths at community events and malls, answering gardening questions at Extension Offices during regular phone hours, teaching horticulture to beginning gardeners, and by exploring environmental options.

How are Extension Master Gardener Volunteers educated?

Master Gardener volunteer training classes are conducted through the County Extension Service offices annually or bi-annually by Cooperative Extension Service specialists, agents, and other horticulture professionals. During the training program, participants are taught many different horticulture subjects by experts in the field.

Extension Master Gardener Volunteer Time Sheet 

For more information on the Extension Master Gardener Program 

please contact the Barren County Cooperative Extension Service 

at (270) 651-3818.